10 Reasons Why Your Company Didn’t Grow

Here are the 10 reasons why your company didn’t growThese guidelines help to align your company towards the growing phase. These concepts are in general, so any company can relate to them and march towards the growth.

Why Your Company Didn’t Grow
10 Reasons Why Your Company Didn’t Grow

Every startup/company wants to build a big empire.

Not all companies succeed in reaching their potential..

There are many factors that make or break the growth of a company. The External factors have to considered, but I’m going to explain the Internal factors, that stop the growth of your company.

These guidelines help to align your company towards the growing phase. These concepts are in general, so any company can relate to them and march towards the growth.

  1. Not Digitally present in this information era.

A website is a fundamental requirement for your company.

But, Digitally is not just your website. You have to be present in the social media relevant to your domain like Facebook page, Instagram Business Account, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Your Digital presence makes a huge difference in reaching your potential customers.

  1. Setting up Office in a remote location

Your Office location determines your range of customers.

This is particularly applicable to the service sector, since your customers would hire you for the service you provide. Your customer must be in a position to value your service, so that they could pay you accordingly.

Hence it is advisable to setup your office in a location, where your customers evaluate the amount of work and expertise needed to solve the problem.

  1. Not explaining who you are, and what you do

Many startups don’t explain themselves and the service/product they provide.

The explanation about you and your brand must be precise in such a way that, your customer understands that and make decisions accordingly.

Your Brand has to be identified by your tagline, which embrace your brand awareness. For example KFC is identified by its tagline “ so good ”, this doesn’t mean you have to have a catchy tagline. What I meant is that, your brand has to live up to its tagline.

  1. Not branding yourself with respect to the needs of the customer

Nowadays, every brand has an external look and feel to it, but branding refers to the internal vision, attitude and the service you provide to your customers.

Branding is a long process through which you align your core principles, vision and mission statement to the needs of your customer, so that they refer your product/service to their friends and family and stay loyal to your brand.

Many companies don’t have the technical knowledge to brand themselves. However, it is advisable to hire a Digital Agency to make a corporate identity to their brand.

  1. Not active on the social media platform

Social media is the best platform to target your audience.

Having a social media account doesn’t guarantee leads to your company. Your active presence in posting content, replying to your customer’s queries and maintaining a healthy relationship drives traffic and leads to your website.

It is very effective to publish a blog post, twice a week to engage with your audience and generate leads.

  1. Not employing sales and marketing team in your company

Sales and marketing team generate active leads to your company.

There are many indirect ways through which you get leads, but the direct way is also equally effective through Email marketing, Mobile marketing, and advertisements.

Your sales and marketing team directly target your audience and convince them into leads for your product/service.

Technology advances through the years and hence we adopt different techniques to generate leads, but the fundamentals remain the same.

  1. Not networking with friends, relatives and outer circle

Your first customer would be from your friends or your relative circle.

As we grow older, we tend to stay away from your relatives and even from your school and college circle. What you tend to forget is that, someone from your relatives or your friends might need your product or service. But you cant be so sure about them, not needing your help, hence it is advisable to network with your friends and family circle.

You don’t have to hang around with them always, but make sure they know what you and your brand does in general.

  1. Not promoting your brand and its related content on social network

You may have good number of followers, but unless you promote your brand, you cannot reach the masses.

By promoting, I mean, ads for your website in Google Adsense, sponsored content in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube ads.

Pick the right platform for your content and don’t spend a large amount for the ads. They act as a catalyst in reaching your customers, but don’t that your whole process in reaching your audience.

  1. Not educating your customers with respect to your domain

People don’t buy your product or service, if they don’t trust you.

By Educating, you may reach your target audience, answering their queries and making a bond with them. If they are satisfied with your content they might follow you, talk about you, refer you to their circle and all that happened is , when you make a contact to them through your content.

Educating your customers also make them understand that they might need your help in solving their problem.

  1. Not updating with respect to the technological advancements

People don’t use flip phones nowadays, because their current demands doesn’t align with it.

You might have used a successful procedure in the past for your customers, but if you don’t update them with respect to the current demands, then you might act like you still play the game. For example you must have developed a successful website in the past, but if it is not mobile-friendly, then you don’t have a place in the market.

It is also applicable to the service sector, who still continue to use the old traditional software and not updating to the newly released stable version. Its because, they don’t take risks but a calculated risk, pay you better in the future.

Always rememberContent is the first step and Consumer is the king.”

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