7 steps to spice up your social media marketing strategy 2019

A Solid Social media marketing strategy is more than just posting content and directing traction to your site. Here we have laid out some essential social media strategies so that you can begin to choose how you want your brand to be perceived.

social media marketing startegy

The relevancy of Social Media Marketing cannot be overstated. The first thing for  most of us to do after waking up in the morning is check up on our social media apps. Henceforth it is a no brainer to squeeze out every drip of attention that your business can receive online.

1. Set goals for your social media marketing

Start with an objective. Value in on your previous online presence, business outreach  and existing consumers. Be vigilant before plunging straight into an abyss of social media. Your social media marketing strategy is ought to be in contrast  if you’re a startup as differentiated from an established business.

social media marketing starategy

Self assessment is the thumb rule for setting goals. Determine how much money and time you’re ready to invest. Having a clear time and budget plan gives you a hassle free presence especially if you choose paid advertising.

Be your customer’s best stalker. Our tribal instinct still has not left us, identify what primal drive you want to invoke that emulates your brand ethos. Social media marketing is for furthering lead generation for your business and not the other way around.

Social media marketing gives you a chance to sculpt the face of your brand. In short your brand shouldn’t be an echo, it should rather  be a voice

2. Knowing your audience

In Social Media Marketing, follower count is not the only thing that matters, creating a relationship with those followers is also crucial . A thorough research on the demographics of the audiences you’re trying to target is of great significance. Choosing the right platform for your brand is important for a robust social media marketing strategy, for instance if your model is business-business then it’s important to focus on Twitter or LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook for a younger audience, reddit for tech savvy geeks and so on. Mindmap ten things your target audience would be interested in, curate your future posts catering for their likes, if your business deals with bike accessories for example, it’s apparent your audience are more likely to be more adventurous, sell them the idea of adventure, enticing their core. Social media marketing is all about Hooking and then leading your audience with your conviction/idea.

social media marketing starategy

3. Posting schedule of social media marketing

Be mindful of the dynamics of social media marketing, not having a schedule let’s you be aloof and therefore results in being unorganised.  prepare a posting calendar, but don’t bite more than what can be chewed, prepare one with which you can keep up with. Do not clutter your page with over the top content, once you get the tempo intuitively, you are all set.  The prime user time varies platform to platform, plan your postings accordingly and stay unwavering, people follow you expecting more contents. Do not solely rely on rigid dashboard habits. Equip yourself in advance for prominent days the month. In case you were selling gaming consoles, you could take a jibe at the approaching valentine’s day. Hot news as opposed to soft news is also a way to mark your social media marketing content schedule around. A calendar also helps you clear the fog around posting patterns.

social media marketing starategy

4. Be in the know

Carving a niché for oneself in any platform is becoming ever challenging. An Upright Social media marketing Strategy is where your aware of not only how your brand is perceived but also the dynamics of mundane everyday affairs and how they possibly propagate movement in your field . It would also help you create crisp contents that echoes  with your target audience’s preference. Be watchful of mentions of your brand name and business, do not ignore comments and complaints be responsive, keep up with bloggers, top influencers and topics concerning your industry, track patterns, also watch how your competitors deal and interact with their audience. In short know the push and pull of the online spectrum of your industry. You can make opportunites strategically in social media marketing by chipping in your two cents into what’s making news, hitch on the social bandwagon.

social media marketing starategy

5. Engaging content

Create resonating content. Social media marketing is all about content. Once you know the pulse of your audience and the playing field of the online marketing space, it is easy to create spot on, engulfing content that would increase the dwell time, clicks and overall curiosity about your brand or business. Social media marketing is not just about amount of likes or views, post relatable, enticing, call for action contents. Do not be repetitive and robotic, ride on the social surfboard. Use images, infographics, designs, captions that mirrors your business and brand ethics. Encourage interaction between users, create a harmonious atmosphere where they feel a sense of fraternity towards the idea you’re trying to get across, inflate their sense of togetherness. For.eg if you’re in the business of fashion, it is crystal obvious to target ardent shopaholics.

social media marketing starategy

6. Metrics you need to be watchful of

In order to observe your feedback loop of how well your social media marketing strategy has performed you need to be watchful of social media metrics. They are the data and statistics that give you a gist of audience impression. It is the track of what got more leverage in your page. Different platforms use a variety of metrics analysis since the native structure of each platform is different. However it can be boiled down to likes, views, reach, number of reposts, interactions, hastag performance and so on. There are various tools which can be used to track down these. Fromch we can ascertain to whom our brand has stretched into, what kind of posts has people talking about our brand and what kind of posts people find offensive, if any. We can determine the extention of our inbound marketing strategy. It also serves as a breadcrumb for how an audience is influenced to become a buyer.

7. Hire social media marketers

social media marketing starategy

Save  precious time and invest it in things that requires your immediate attention in your business by hiring social media marketing professionals who would make your brand stand out in any over-saturated platforms. Being directionless in digital marketing could mean walking on eggshells for your business, branding experts and creative designers provide crude service that could increase good will, social media marketers are a game changer in terms of brand image, perception and reputation. They can assess what will work and might not easily. Consistency is also key here, they provide steady evolving non-monotonous content. In any upbeat social media marketing strategy it is important that the brainstormed ideas in paper are brought out exactly as envisioned, which is where social media marketers service is invaluable in translating your needs into irresistible call for action materials. Crisis management is another forté which is also better dealt by experts.

Once youve mapped out your strategies you can mix them up. Remember only you can choose the best blend of the above strategies to better suit your business.

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“Content might be the King, but Marketing is the KingMaker”.

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below and cheers to your social media marketing journey.

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