7 reasons why JavaScript is still popular

JavaScript is a high level, robust programming language, without which most of our world wide web wouldn’t function as the way they do today. JavaScript is the game-changer when it comes to web or mobile app development.

JavaScript is still popular

If you’ve wondered why JavaScript is used by majority of the top website’s and apps, then keep scrolling. Read how JavaScript has become the most sought after programming language in the digital space.

1. Prominence

JavaScript is the native language of the web and with media convergence, the web is everywhere, making JavaScript’s prominence inevitable. Most browsers are engineered to process JavaScript quickly, hence it being being preferred for a faster run time, it is also a cross browser scripting language.JavaScript is still popularNode.js has exploded it’s popularity on the backend level, though initially it grappled attention on the client side. If you take any data analysis site in the programming world, time and again it is proven that JavaScript is not just the most talked about language, it is the one most used as well. It is omnipresent and pre-eminent.

2. Newbie friendly

JavaScript is the programming language that any novice would want to learn first. It is amateur friendly. It is easy to debug errors and to trace back to the exact location with the extensive JavaScript tools. When learning any new scripting language one has to start from scratch but with JavaScript it is easy to get along once you know the basics of coding. JavaScript is still popularThe code does not need to be compiled as well, it can be typed as in any other program code editor. It is a great foundation, it’s syntax are close to the English language, once you learn JavaScript, learning other coding languages is like surfing the waves. Besides, it can also fetch you a great career..!

3. Resourceful ecosystem

Since JavaScript is everywhere, it is a no brainer that its rich in terms of resource.
In stack overflow, it is the commonly used programming language in developers survey. Any time a programmer gets stuck, they can quickly seek help from other programmers to find loop holes, think of it as a prevailing automobile company whose spare parts are easily available. JavaScript is still popularThe community for the language pool is huge hence it’s thrival is exponential. JavaScript also has an exuberant framework and library that developers can import and manipulate to augment their application, It has a quicker feedback loop, you can run a code and spontaneously check results.

4. Better User Experience

JavaScript is what makes a website pop! Nobody fancies a robotic, monotonous webpage, we are wired to react positive to interactive curated content. Multimedia, advertising, slides and such run smoothly with JavaScript. Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, ebay, PayPal, Alibaba, GoDaddy have encrypted either wholly or partly in JavaScript. JavaScript is still popularThe graphical interface can be tinkered to suit our preference, it is also relatively faster for the end user. JavaScript adds flavour and behaviour to a webpage, it reduces the load that the webpage has to deal with, different snippets of JavaScript such as user prompting, choice confirmation, cookie rentention, alerts, user re-redirection improves functionality of a page.

5. Optimisation

JavaScript has decluttered and harmonised the scripting language spectrums. It is a prism through which a wide array of webpage, sites, mobile apps can be developed under one hood. One can write completely opposive nature of applications using this one language. The transition from web to mobile friendly development is tranquil. JavaScript is also platform independent.JavaScript is still popular Minification and compression can be done readily, dead code can be easily avoided. Social media giants have recently shifted to JavaScript, making their runtime two times faster and reducing server bots. So it’s no wonder that JavaScript optimises efficiency.

6. JavaScript is ever evolving

Once created to work only on the front end end, JavaScript has presently dethroned other programming languages in the race. It is frequently updated with new versions. JavaScript might become virtual machine on its own hand. JavaScript is still popularWe are aware that programmers have a love hate relationship with JavaScript, but the only two programs in existence are one that people complain about, one that no one uses. Henceforth it is valid to say that the competition for JavaScript is becoming meagre by the day. The constant evolution of it makes it guarded from the next big thing ever emerging. It is not going to be dislodged by something any sooner in the near future.

7. A world without JavaScript

Sure there are some sprinkled perks, but a world without JavaScript will not be as you imagine, images, webpages videos do not load. Your favourite websites will load only their logos. JavaScript is still popularAt the end of the day, any application that can be written in JavaScript will be written in JavaScript. JavaScript is used as the full stack coding language, i.e it is the bridge of front end and back end coding, without which developers would have to completely diverge their idea of programming. It makes a site or an application dynamic, most animations you see on the internet pages are done using JavaScript or one of its subsequent libraries. According to research JS is used by 94.6 % of all websites.

In an era of extensive JavaScript usage, not hitching on the bandwagon is a battle of guns and arrows. In short it would be perilous for your running content as a programmer or as a client seeking web or app development to not employ JavaScript.

Adore it or detest it, but JavaScript is not about to be buried down any sooner.

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below and cheers to your Tech journey.

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