Why UX design is so important in agile software development

UX design is not only the attire of a webpage / mobile app, it is also it’s personality, the subtleties of UX design has the real power to influence the user and to keep them coming back for more.UX design

UX design is an intriguing factor that combines art and the aesthetics  of ‘business based designing’, crafted to please and hook the user. In agile software development employing good UX.

1. Psychology of the user

A striking UX designer is one who is one point with the psychology of the user, it is a neck and neck game. Every move is mirrored. As creatures of tribe, we are hardwired to give attention to certain elements,UX design our brains evoke different emotions for different colours and different pieces of art, this can be seen obvious in different art movements such as surrealism, from which we can conclude that design has the power to leave the audience eerie, uncanny or give them a comfort of their favourite blanket. It is upto the designer who wants to evoke what sort of emotion he or she wants out of the user. UX design  should make the complex easy.

2. Visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy in UX design is  the hierarchy of the locus of the eye, the predicament in which the elements fight for organic attention. The prediction of movement of human eye is impalpable, yet it is of utmost importance, the human eye is automatically drawn to certain points of interest. UX designTherefore it is important to place certain elements in their respective place of order. UX design intuitively upheave this phenomenon. For text heavy pages like blogs, the locus is usually from the top left forming the ‘F’  pattern. It shouldn’t be a carnival, the placement is ought to be pleasing.

3. Architecture

The page architecture or structure is the page layout and wireframing of different element of designs. A website or a mobile app is a form of art in its own right, hence the aesthetics and golden rules of structuring is also applicable.UX design Leading the user where to read where to pause where to click is important, If a user is feeling a little lost in searching for a specific option, then the design is downtrodden. Every UX design employed aims at revamp the page architecture. The composition and movement archives certain communication objectives.

4. User retention

Creating a good first impression is not the only factor when it comes to software development. UX design aims not just at a hook up but at a longer lasting relationship sealed with a ring. The user should feel the need to keep coming back, from an array of similar apps and services, the user is ought to find our specific app the most familiar and comfortable to use. UX designThe UX design should be in such a way that the user finds it irresistible, smooth and hassle free, only then they wouldn’t toss the app or webpage as a one way street. The UX design should please the user to the level it becomes habitual, onboarded users shouldn’t think about next best thing out there.

5. The project cycle

The UX designer would clear hurdles of usability before the project moves to other stages of production. UX design glues all the stages iteratively like a kid in a marshmallow challenge. The project cycle would suffer greatly without a good UX design team. UX designThe design team is ought to work prior to the development team as a rule of thumb,as transparency and cross functionality is to be maintained. A successful project ideation us complied by a successful UX design, only through it, the ideas on paper are woven. It enriches a fixated research plan that is significant for the success for the whole project.

6. Feedback loop

A good UX designer is not just an artist, he’s an problem solver, going back and forth and gaining feedback from the intended sampled user to further improve the experience. When reactions loop back to the affects, a feedback loop is created it is directionless without the user feedback. UX designPrototyping the UX design, reduces costs and shrink the timeline of a testing period, estimate the success rate of the endeavour. Pixate, is a good tool for prototyping and getting feedback from sample sets.

7. Harmony of Visceral elements

Harmony or unity in design is the relationship of elements that are in compliance to each other. Font, the type face, the relatability, the Colour palette used all these elements  and more in alignment, balance, continuance and repetition creates an UX design that gives a sense of stability and consistency.UX designThe balance of these elements and along with the  emulation of the brand/ business provides an infallible user experience. It gives a closure. The rhythm of proceeding elements would stimulate the human brain extensively.

8. Navigation and user flow

It is easier said than done, when it comes to navigation. A static page is a liability. The user is there to play around and explore. Avoid dead weights, that might distract the user unnecessarily, Make it easier for the user to toggle within your app, especially with page refreshes going backward and forward. UX designAn important thing to consider in UX design is the load time of page refreshes, every micro second counts, time always runs slow for the user. User flow is important  in UX design, as in how an user takes a route in a page or an app to finish his goal or task, it is from the call for action lead to the final commitment of becoming a customer.

9. Good UX Design means Good business

UX design accelerate business growth, it puts your business in a healthy competition. Just as in a physical store, good customer handling reflects on sales revenue, therefore the case in online branding and marketing. The UX design is all about customer experience which inturn reflects in good business deals. UX designIncrease brevity in your UX design. Encourage the user to make informed choices of becoming a customer. Seamless frictionless digital experience means a happy user, a happy user means increased chances of brand trust and buyer point.

10. Conversion rate

A great UX design in software development aides in funneling audience into customers. Visual cues encourage the user to interact more and provoke their interest on the brand or business, UX design has the capability to raise the trustworthiness of a site or an app there by directly influencing the sales volume.UX design Emotional triggers and call for action templates also do the trick. Save money and time by investing in good UX designs that could greatly help your business out, it’s better to improve the UX design from the heads on than to contemplate what you’re missing out. Every user at the end of the day craves a positive engulfing human experience beyond the business-client, designer-audience relationship, serving a flowing and exuding UX design creates a bond between the users and increases good will greatly.

“Remember the user is here for a good time, not for a long time” 

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below and cheers to your Design journey.


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