why your business should have an online presence

A strong online presence is a good fodder for your marketing strategy whether your business is operating online/offline or retail only.Business online

If you list your products on a e-commerce website or entertaining the idea of social media marketing, it is a good start. Getting your business online is an inevitability as the new age media is losing the race against the internet.

 When in Rome

The internet is shrinking the world, compactly fitting into everyone’s pocket. Having an online presence means having your business details in the yellow pages these days. It just cannot be ignored. It’s not just jumping into the bandwagon, but rather adjusting the sail in accordance to the wind and the internet is one hell of a wind.Business online

Even if your business is old school, your customers and potential customers expect your online presence. Even being visible on google maps or on your local business listing pages, it is important to make yourself visible.

Brand engrossment

A business or a brand’s awareness is directly proportional to its online presence. Majority of us do a good Sherlock’s work online before being associated with a brand. If your business is not online you are missing out on a greater pool of opportunity that could greatly influence sales volume. Business onlineA positive online presence that draws the right kind of attention is indisposable for your business. Staying relevant in the digital world is significant especially if you’re targeting millennials.

The key ingredient for your marketing strategy

You can have billboards, hang out fliers, have the word around street but without internet and a solid online presence, it’s a major setback for your business. It’s like cooking your medley without the steak.Business online

Online presence is the main channel for any marketing strategy, whether you’re trying to improve your conversion rate or simply reiterating your brand’s existence, an online presence makes for  the impeccable outbound strategy. You can lead many potential customers into becoming customers. The Internet was primely made for business, everything is just one click away with the internet in terms of online business, the client funnel is directly filtered as mostly the ones who have intentionally been driven to find a product or a service land on our page. There are also effective and efficient ways of driving traffic to your supposed website. The internet gives a platform for your business to grow and to catch up with competing players of the same market, giving a real time insight of what they are up to.

Good will

The first thing a potential customer would want to do is to google you. Having a credible online presence on credible sources or a legitimate looking website increases goodwill and trustworthiness of your business. Customers would find it odd if they find no details to account for and they would scroll to the next best thing available on the internet. An online presence robustly improves your chance of getting into your customer’s good books, a well made one at that. In short no one  wants to buy something that they cannot even google about.Business online

It is economical

Streamlining a business, advertising, online vendor costs and so on have extensively been reduced. It is easier than ever before to get your business online these days. E-commerce has also been noticed to significantly reduce a great amount of miscellaneous cost. Business onlineAlso you can have your location in the remotest part of town and still run a successful business, with a physical store it has to be at the heart of the city, where the expenditure is again blown off.  Having an online presence could help your business optimally without burning a hole in your pocket

Go Cosmopolitan

One can thank the internet for taking businesses global, where only huge players once ruled, even small scale vendors are now catching up. As going online has greatly impacted an array of target audience and customers. Fashion for instance is blowing up as more and more people are influenced and experimenting with cross cultural and new age clothing. Online presence of these business have significantly driven greater traffic than seen before. It is not just the growth of a individual business but of a whole industry that has bloomed. Online presence of businesses has opened many portals for such growth to be possible.

An online presence is a cardinal factor especially for upcoming businesses, for the audience it is like going through a buffet, they choose the right mix provided your content is good and your business details credible. This also provides a good space to know more about customer habits and patterns and reflect on improving product and services.

“Remember the goal is to never let the customer scroll past you.”

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below and cheers to your Business journey.


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