Does your business really need a Mobile App

An online presence as we already know is indispensable, whilst launching a mobile app gives a cut throat and personal reach to your customers. Most business have already inferred the potential of mobile apps long app

There are so many blogs that you can come across, advocating the mobile app camp without deducing whether your business is ready for it. A mobile app is a hit or miss missile, there are many aspects to take in before jumping into the mobile app bandwagon.

Smartphones have jolted out as the ambassador of new media. Every website is becoming mobile-friendly, mobile app seems like a no brainer in reference. You should entertain the idea of launching a mobile app considering some essential factors.

Your business is robust

If you’re a pre-established business, then gaining momentum for a mobile app would be quick but if your business is focused and small scale, it is important to not plunge into the idea of a mobile app, instead focus on a good social media marketing strategy and a website with great UX. The thing with mobile apps is that it is a privilege of a bigger player. mobile appA website on the other hand gives you search engine rankings which would invite potential users who aren’t aware of your business/brand. A website helps you reach more users than a mobile platform initially.

Invest in marketing research and testing, sample your mobile app to people and reflect back on being optimal. Once your brand is visible, there is a good probability that your mobile app might get traction.

Nature of your business

The number of apps in the market is skyrocketing and hence the competition is heavy. It is a misconception that building a mobile app costs a lot of money, which prevents small businesses to not partake in filling market gaps. The pitch of your business a key factor when it comes to opting for a mobile app. Some services such as food delivery are swift  from the user end for a mobile app and hence it is very much necessary. mobile appTake Swiggy or Ola for instance, their business model best works under a mobile app.  If you’re a growing vendor, then it’s better to list your product in a online market place than starting your own e-commerce site. Go for a website first especially when you don’t need a mobile app to sell your product.

User orientation

Be your user’s best stalker. Gather enough metrics and study patterns so that you can come up with a fool proof plan for a mobile app. A careful study of your demograph and analysis of whether they would welcome your idea is important. If your demography is not tech savvy for example, then your chances of reaching them through a mobile app is less. Only users who are committed to your brand would install your mobile app.People are very keen about not cluttering their smartphones and wouldn’t give heeds if you put up a lagging mobile app. mobile appMobile app is necessary if your product requires phone native features such as constant notifications or camera setup. In short if your user accesses your product on the go, then a mobile app is helpful. Every user is a potential customer and hence need utmost care. Validate your product prior launch. Allocating sources for a great customer support would do so much good.

Nichè groups

Your brand doesn’t always have to be mainstream. Focusing on the fringe group can also do wonders as it as a huge gap that can be filled. For eg. a mobile app for vegans or organic clothing line is a very specific nichè where the user might go out of their regime to download. mobile appIf your business is specific and concentrated on novelty, has a good following, then launching a mobile app would elevate your customer. It is the conviction of your core customers and their loyalty to your brand that would be reflected in the success of your mobile app.

Priority of resources

When you’re a startup or a handling a business to business firm, it is important to not go overboard with the idea of having a mobile app. There are many ways it can backfire especially if you cannot afford a stagnant user rate. There are also security and privacy measures that needs to be dealt with especially if you’re in it for e-commerce. mobile appMarketing your mobile app is another important task, just launching it isn’t enough, all of which can requires a growing business with a strong team. A mobile app should enhance your business not put a financial and time restraining burden on it. A lot of research and ground planning should go on while deciding if your business is ready for a mobile app.

When it comes to mobile app, you have to do it best or not do it at all..there’s no in between.

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