Why social media marketing and how to get started

Social media is less about technology and more about people. Social media is the eventual outcome of the human need to share and form a ‘tribe’ in a crippling world of bucketed content. As humans are social animals, this new age media is only getting robust. social media marketing
Every transaction can be influenced when it comes to social media marketing. Therefore it is plain obvious why businesses partake in marketing their ideas through social media. The growing number of users is also a prime reason for propelling content through social media.

Secured most screen time

The screen time of an average person can be easily predicted, over two thirds of it would be spent for social media. People consume content more than calories. Moreover they are ready to act in accordance to the content they resonate with, the duration of online time spent on social media platforms are higher than other sites, even then the other sites encourage social media standards. social media marketing The best place light up a lamp is the top of the mountain, where everyone can see and hence it is a no brainer to go for social media marketing. The time spent on these apps and sites are not obsolete, they are healthy business patterns that could assess user behaviour.

The tribe

People tend to be motivated by their inner need of seeking a tribe, especially with social media, this gives them a sense of belonging and would in turn uplift buying patterns which would otherswise be not seen. Healthy business outflow can be seen with increased social media usage. social media marketing Even the government and political parties have updated their content in the digital space. It is a functional virtual society that propagates business cash in and cash out. This social chain is a powerful tool that could impact important decision making factors of the user. Network formed by the social media significantly drive where the market trend is moving.


Social media is a system of synergy that is self-regulating. It is a digital free market, you don’t have to be the biggest player here to get traction, good content that rings well with the users can get one to places. Sharing, promoting a buzz and creating curiosity and so on are organic here.social media marketing The feedback of public opinion of your brand and reviews are another indispensable feature, social media makes easier, broadcasting of the user perceptions in a vast sense. Only brands that are actually at their A game can make it in social media, even when their resources are limited. As long as they are dynamic in creating content and true to their brand ethics.

How to get started..??

Once we know the crucial role social media plays in shaping brand image and in leveraging conversion actions, let’s see how to kick start a social media strategy.

Have a plan

Being objective and organised would greatly help your social media marketing strategy. Get to know everything about your target audience and map out things and subjects they are most intrigued by. Be precise of how much post you could create a day and how often you post, make a calendar for your posting schedule, have a watch on current trends to know wheee the industry is moving. Self assessment is a good start. social media marketing Do not plunge completely it, once you have assessed everything make a foolproof strategy that you could even afford to lose. Do not takes experiments overboard. People in social media can quickly call you out be cautious of everything that could pull down your brand reputation.

Sell the story of your product

Content is the king, when it comes to social media, but one that would be easily dethroned at the first sight of filmsyness. Once you know the pulse of your audience, create content that most resonates with their healthy ideologies. Do not be repetitive and monotonous in trying to pitch your product, “buy our product, we are cool” motto is not gonna do any good on any social media platforms. social media marketing Sell your story, one which the audience would be keen to know and then process conversion. Selling your story gets you to the audience on a personal level and forms a sense of togetherness, it is a great hook that would later pull you into users vicinity, anything that entices emotions and knowledge, is not easily forgotten . Be sincere with your brand values.

Social media engagement

Simply marketing content is not enough, interactiveness is the key when it comes to social media marketing. You cannot keep posting contents and not encourage engagement between audience and directly to your brand. Being responsive increases goodwill and brand trust.social media marketing Crisis can be combatted easily with an effective social media engagement strategy. Post contents that would entice users to share, comment back, ask questions and start talking about your brand. It is level of engagement that is directly reflected upon return on investment. You cannot be the popular kid by being an introvert. Taking initiatives and getting people to speculate is vital.

At the end of the day your social media marketing strategy should be hand crafted for your business and what you stand for, no expenses faired. There is no such thing as the right time, Kick start your campaign now!

Social media marketing, is more about the bonds that we create, rather than the skeletal technology we work on.

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