Top Design Trends for 2019

Every year different trends come up and go mainstream, earning equal adoration and repulse, giving way for new design trends. Every brand trying to compete for attention or reinstating their existence, strive for aesthetics that best resonates with their target audience.Design Trends 2019

Hence it is always good to stay ahead of the curve in terms of design trends for graphic artists. Here are some check box design trends of this year:

Open composition

Previously designers would compose everything inside a frame to induce a sense of completion. This was the widely accepted design norm even relevant in visual art and film making. Design Trends 2019This year a sense of deviancy has developed from the usual design trend. Open composition that gives the effect of the design extending outside of perception, giving an airy glowing feeling.
Broken grid layouts that give a non claustrophobic attribute to a page is also a growing fad with web designers. The implication of continuance is the essence of open compositions. It intrigues the user into wondering what else is in there.

Custom typefaces

The year 2019 is the year of experiment when it comes to typefaces. As we have already seen brands have heavily shifted to flat logo designs and type faces. This flat custom made typeface is not fading out any soon in the current year. Maxi and outline typography is also a design trend that has been in the spotlight lately. Design Trends 2019Sans serif has been the face of every global company and its not gonna die away any sooner for their simplicity and homogeneous look. They look better on phone screen and on computers. Typefaces are custom made by designers and artists to give a homebound organic touch.

Retro-mid century illustrations

Generic illustration have been done and over with, whilst the design trend has moved towards mid-century modern art that has popping colours and a nostalgic appearance, ditching rigid lines and a shift towards subtle flowy lines.Design Trends 2019 Especially in the field of web based advertising, this form of illustration has been peaking. The vintage colour palette that is so striking and vivid is given a new life with modern rendition. Mostly bloggers have rebounded back to retro casual illustrations added to their content.

Isometric art

Storytelling in visual art has been rallied along with the advent of isometric illustrations. Especially in the mobile gaming platforms where isometric art seem to be ruling the scene. Stock photos can be seen studded with this design trend. Originally a part of engineering drawing, isometric art have stolen the show in visual design.Design Trends 2019 It gives a popping 3D effect but in a 2 dimensional plane. Pixel art is invaded by isometric trends. Retro gaming that is again becoming popular by nostalgia of game lovers mostly adopted isometry. They give a realistic view yet still maintaining flat layers, giving a visually inducing aesthetic treat.

Hybrid collage

Instagram has propagated the art form of collage. The design trend for collage in 2019 is binding and blending different mediums with each other. A illustration with a realistic photo, a painting with a vector and so on. Scanned drawings are paired with collage created in the adobe house of softwares. Design Trends 2019Once an amateur form of art has been quickly been overturned by traditional designers paving way for never before seen work. This design trend has become the favourite child for anybody wanting to gain traction among mainstream millennial audience. Outside of the orthodox form of design development, this trend has taken the high road.

Duotones and complex gradients

Gradients is a huge come back design trend, especially the one with Duotones of complimentary shades and tones. Major Brands have embraced and incorporated this design trend this year. Every art page on Instagram has been loaded with Duotone themes. Design Trends 2019Colour transition gives the right amount of dynamism when it has to accompany a overlapping text or form a background. It is the lazy man’s way of adding movement to the design. It’s the easiest filler out there, without giving away a slightest doubt that it is indeed a filler. This design trend can be expected to be seen everywhere in 2019.

3D art

Something that has slowly crept into a graphic designers diet is 3D art. This design trend has been hyped lot thanks to swift efficient programmes that has made it quite easy to work with even for amateurs. Every design trend that is appreciated in the real world has been rendered in 3D and bejewelled with a pint of surrealism. Design Trends 2019Even typographic design trends are renewed in 3D art. Along with this, a design trend of floating anti gravity elements in a frame which conveys absence of restrictions can also be seen in 2019. 3D concepts usually are adorned with antigravity elements making them visually impactful.

Geometric patterns

As diverged from Art Deco. Simple geometric shapes coupled with photography and collage, cross frame-over lapping texts can be predicted to pose as a dominating design trend. Abstract geometric patterns have populated and Dribble. Design Trends 2019The illusion of movement that they create is fancied by designers everywhere. They easily add dimension to the design. Subtle tessellations and minimalistic delicacy of patterns are its key attributes. This is sort of an evergreen design trend, asymmetry and geometric patterns pop visual interest.

These are some of the most acknowledged foolproof design trends that could be easily adopted by graphic artists. What are the trends that you think would win the race in 2019? Do comment below.

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