How to rank better in google?

Every content creator and SEO strategist aims at bringing your site at the first page of of a search engine. Hence it is obvious that there’s an intense competition when it comes to ranking better on google.rank better in google

Google bot ranks the content that are exactly relevant to user’s cue. Do not get startled hundreds of algorithm cheat sheet that promises you a better ranking on google. We shall discuss the
Key factors that matter in real time in this post

Domain relevance

When it comes to google rankings, domain name could be a make or break factor, provided that it comes with quality content. Exact match domains are given more preference. Domain trust is measured by google rank bots, as sleazy pages and contents are filtered to give the best experience for the user. rank better in googleHence reviews and site reputation may do good for your seo strategy. These are things that you need to take in to consideration before even securing a domain name, have a note of how much good your domain good bring to your business. Parked domain have usually gotten decreased visibility in google ranks.

Keyword strategy

There is no denying that it is keyword density that brings organic traffic to your site. Google ranks are not always just about repetition, there are two factors that it considers- the head term cooking and a long tailed keyword how to make avocado smoothie, this may seem obscure but google ranks relevant keywords that fits both the shoes perfectly as only having the head term would be an enormous task for the google bots to come over. rank better in googleHaving a long tailed keyword increases visibility when it comes to google rankings as there is too much competition for attention in the former.

Content depth

Create content that is exactly on the same lane as the user’s need, if you’re going for something undisclosed, book it down to the essence that an average user might search about, but don’t put out content solely with the goal of getting ranked better on google. rank better in googleThe depth of the content, how well observed and thought out it is along with other parameters such as info graphics, tutorials etc might help you land in the first few pages. Duplicate content and meta tags would be red marked by google bots. Repetitive content on the same page might also decrease your visibility.

Image optimisation

Customise your website with images that accompany your content and are original. Tag it with simple details that when a person searched for it to rank better in google images. What you see is not always not what you get. For instance take an image of a bowl of fruits, you could tag it as that – a bowl of fruits and also add another tag along such as still life photography. rank better in googleKnowing your audience will always do help you with google rankings. Optimise your image to the best size that It doesn’t loses quality but also is faster to load. Adding alt attributes is also a good strategy.

Frequently updating contents

The frequency of updating contents might play a significant role in ranking better at google. The recency of contents posted is taken into account by google algorithm so that the user might get the latest content on the SERP. Page activity updates can greatly influence ranking on google, an older page that got updated ranks better than a newer page.rank better in google Regularly posting and updating content with a schedule is a good start. Google has a freshness algorithm that favours content of current affairs, whatever subject it may deal with. The key attempt of this google algorithm is to provide in trend news, politics, sports, e market and so on.

Geo tagging and geo fencing

In order to make location based content and services effortless, the search engine algorithm makes use of geo tagging and geo fencing features. You would more likely to get better google ranks when users of a specific geographical demography tap in to your geo tagged images and content. rank better in googleIf you’re running small scale online firm that focuses on a given metro city, then it’s a no brainer to employ geographic parameters so that you don’t end up being obscure. Server location is an important factor that google ranks considers.

Mobile friendliness

A site that is optimised for access through smartphones are more likely to be placed better at google ranks. As almost more than half of the usage is from mobiles it is obvious that google would filter websites that hold traditional values.rank better in google Google ranking algorithm strains in the best responsive design of site architecture that is swift when opened through mobile phones. Try to increase the loading speed of your page, smooth navigation and the pace of going back and forth in the site’s native links. Google uses loading speed of a page as a factor of ranking.

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